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Bellevue Football Club is a non-profit community organisation and receives no direct funding. We apply for whatever grants we can to make sure we have the funds to continue our work but we rely heavily on fundraising from the amazing people in our community for the success of our little club. Every donation we receive goes straight to the club, nobody takes any money from the people who need it the most. 

All fundraising events are currently postponed.

Donations and standing orders can be made by clicking below:


A new option for 2020 is to become a Community Stakeholder at the club. For more information on how to apply to the Community Stakeholder scheme, please contact the club by email and we will send a form out for you.

Community Stakeholders.

Kevin Howell - Keeley Howell - Peter Leaney - Nathan Hauton

Gareth Parker - Delwyn Derrick

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