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Almost all of the images above are active links. You can click on these to find out more about the awards and trophies the club has won.

What else...

In 2019 Bellevue FC became one of the first mainstream football clubs in the world to adopt a rainbow kit for the entire season. It is great to see clubs across the UK supporting Football V Homophobia, but almost all of them do it for one off games before then returning to their regular club colours. At Bellevue we thought that if a statement is worth making, then surely it's worth making every single game. We took to the field for the 2019/20 season with rainbow numbers on the back of every kit, every match. Since we began our campaign, we have watched as other clubs in our area and elsewhere in the country have begun doing the same.

In 2020 we wrote to our governing body and our league to request permission to wear a Black Lives Matter patch on the shoulder of our kits, making us the first club in our area to announce season long support for the BLM movement and the important message that it stands for, not only in football, but in all of society.

The cub has been featured countless times on TV and in the regional and national press for their work towards true equality in the sport. This press coverage is always welcomed by the club as it spreads the message of community cohesion and social integration further than most grassroots clubs could ever hope.

In 2019 the club received a full accreditation from the office of the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner for the continued work towards reducing levels of hate crime in the area. Alongside this, the club have started being invited to events as speakers on equality matters. This includes functions such as the Alien project at Glyndwr University, at the holocaust memorial event in Wrexham and even being invited into local schools and colleges.

The club has several players registered who have achieved caps for Wales. The players have represented their country for the Wales under 19's learning disability squad, with one player having captained his national side at a tournament in Newport.

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