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Not wanting to repeat what's written at the top of the page, but not knowing what else to say, welcome to Bellevue Football Club. I was told that as the founder I had to write the introduction to the website and I'll be honest with you now, anything I write will be a let down because this was never my story to tell. As the regions first all-inclusion league football club, the story of Bellevue should always be about the players who come to our club. I have been privileged to work with inspirational people with incredible stories, I've been incredibly lucky to call some of those people my closest friends and humbled to stand as an equal with some who have become my personal heroes. This website is fine, and it'll give you some great information about Bellevue FC as a football club, but if you want to know our story, if you want to see the community that we've built and experience what football without barriers is in practice, you're just going to have to come and visit us because there's nothing that I can say that will ever be good enough.

- Delwyn 'Sheep' Derrick (Founder of Bellevue FC)


Bellevue Football Club is run by a dedicated team of passionate and committed volunteers. Our administrators and officers look after the running of the club as an organisation, while our section leads and coaches are in charge of running the individual teams to the high standards that we expect at our club.


EVRAH ROSE - Chair of Trustees
CRAIG COLVILLE - Chief Officer
SAMANTHA MULLINS - Administration Manager

JAY BAILEY - Honorary Vice-President


TIAGO GINJA - Men's Section
DYLAN BAILEY - Junior Section

CRAIG COLVILLE - Media and Communications



DELWYN DERRICK - Operations Officer
SIAN SMITH - Safeguarding Officer
JACKTON MIRWOBA - Player Welfare Officer

JORDAN BOYD - Head of Community


JORDAN BOYD - Men's Senior

MORGAN GRIFFITHS - Under 12's Junior
ASH WOOD - Under 11's Junior
SIAN SMITH - Under 10's Junior
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