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Bellevue FC was first started by a group of friends in 2016.

The local pitch at Bellevue Park was at risk of being decommissioned due to a lack of use and some local recreational footballers wanted to preserve the facility for the community. Located in the town centre, this pitch is often the first one found by football enthusiasts moving to the area including those from foreign backgrounds.

In the spring of 2017 the friends submitted their first league application as Bellevue FC to join tier five of the Welsh football pyramid.

The beating heart of Bellevue FC is still as a community football club today. As well as working alongside Offa Community Council and AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham) on community events throughout the year, the club is also one of the main partners of the Wrexham Community Cup and the associated Arfon Jones Trophy which are both events raising awareness of the issue of hate crime in society.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all community events are postponed. Dates for new events will be posted as and when we have more information.

As well as the players, there is a huge team of volunteers that ensure that the club is run smoothly and professionally. This includes administrators and coaches who all give up their time voluntarily for the benefit of the players.


Ryan Jones (Chair) - Emma Latham (Treasurer) - Delwyn Derrick (Secretary)

Welfare Team.

Samantha Derrick (Safeguarding) - Iolanda Banu-Viegas (Equalities)

Sandra Anderson (Welfare)


CJ Leaney (Development) - James Wright (President)

Daniel Holmes (Vice-President)


Gareth Parker (Manager) - CJ Leaney (Coach)

Nathan Hauton (Coach) - Delwyn Derrick (Coach) - James Wright (Coach)

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